North Ossetia in the South of Russia
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10 days/9 nights
July - October (suggested time: September, October)
Easy physical rating

with descendant of the Ossetian clan – Alborov

Bonus: a piece of beloved Georgia


Alborov is one of the eldest Ossetian family names.  From the early childhood until my first trip to Ossetia (I was 25), all whom I met with this surname were only my close relatives.

When I was a small child I found my birth certificate where “Ossetin” was written in the column of father’s nationality.  Since then and still I have been always so proud of this although I was not familiar with the culture of Ossetia and even my dad did not speak Ossetian and I have never met my grandfather.  I always had a dream: to go to the homeland of my ancestors – Ossetia.

At the time I was 13 on the TV channel Russia they chose “Miracles of Russia” and one of the nominees was Tsey Valley.  I used to live thousands of kilometers from there and I have never been there, but it was a great pride. I knew that somewhere there on the mountain used to live my legendary great-grandmother Maro (who died at the age of 96).

My first trip I planned there in 2015 did not take place. But instead of me one good friend went there instead of me and then heaped me up with photos of mountains and Ossetian pies.

I have been waiting for this for long and finally at the age of 25 I flew to Vladikavkaz to visit my ancestry land: grandfather-wrestler, grandfather-businessman, grandfather  thanks to which I always strive for something.

And step by step, people heard from me my surname and the story about my grandfather, who settled in Siberia, about great-grandmother Maro.  Day after day, I met people who did more for me than I expected. Some of them drove me 40 km by a bad road even though it was out of his way just to make sure that I get there safe. Someone welcomed me at their home, generously sharing not only homemade food but also stories, traditions, legends. From the first minutes these people became close brothers and sisters to me.

I explored Vladikavkaz, climbed the mountains, reached the Tseysky glacier, saw powerful waterfalls, visited holy places, ancient graves and ruins of the medieval defensive structures of my ancestors. I even managed to drop into South Ossetia. But the main thing is that I managed to hear the beautiful Ossetian language (relative to Iranian), participate in a real Ossetian holiday and, of course, meet representatives of one of the most sincere nationalities in the world.

Local people are so hospitable, ready to postpone any business for the sake of the guest and will surely feed you with Ossetian pies – yam I traditional food.

And how many more new legends, toasts, places, people and, of course, Ossetian pies are waiting for you ahead.

I decided to share all this with connoisseurs: those who value a lot the beauty of the mountains, delicious traditional cuisine, emotional travels along non-touristy routes (in Ossetia, unlike Georgia, I saw tourists twice in 10 days).

This is all for you!

Season: July – October (suggested time: September, October)

Duration: 10 days/9 nights

Accomodation: cozy guesthouses/mini-hotels/hotels/camping

Guidance: professional English speaking service (optionally other languages)

Transportation: One or two comfortable vans (or another 4WD) for 6-8 pax.

Group size: 4-18 persons

Starting/finishing point: Vladikavkaz

Not included:

  • flight/train to/from Gorno-Altaysk/Novosibirsk/Barnaul

  • travel insurance

  • visa fee

All transfers (van/bus/off-road car)
3 meals a day (cafe, restaurant, picnic)
Entrance tickets to all the museums and sights
Photos and videos from the tour
You can change parameters of you trip independently!
starts from $1159 / €1062 per person
Daily tour description
day 1

What is Ossetia about

Arrival to Vladikavkaz airport.

Check in at the hotel.

You will take a walking tour around the town to enjoy the architecture and sunny mosque of Mukhtarov.

Visit the National Museum of Ossetia Republic (Alaniya).

A bit of history culture under philosophical seasoning.

Delicious local food, legends told by locals.

Overnight in Vladikavkaz.

day 2

Digora – Heaven on Earth

After breakfast you will travel by van to Digorskoye Valley after breakfast.

It is time to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains and surrounding villages.

Digoria is the most remote southwestern part of North Ossetia.  The road to our final point near the entrance to the Alanya National Park passes through the Digor Valley, the depth of which reaches 100-150 meters, and the Urukh River seethes at the bottom.

We will stop at the narrowest point of the valley – Akhsinta canyon (30 meters wide) to stand on Devil’s Bridge (Osset. “Akhsinti head”)

Along the valley you can see many watchtowers, “tsyrts” (traditional tombstones), ancient crypts and ruins.

Check in at the guest house in Digora.

Overnight in Digora at the shale surrounded by the mountains.

day 3

Waterfall and road-tripping

After breakfast you will take a half-day hike to the waterfall.

Lunch at the guest house restaurant.

In the afternoon you will travel to Upper Tsey village. On the way you will enjoy a view of the mountain river.

Tsey Valley is one of the most picturesque mountain regions in Russia. It was called one of The Wonders of Russia.

Dinner at the restaurant.

Overnight in the guest house “Tsey”.

day 4

Tsei Valley – hike to the glacier

Upper Tsey and the Tsey alpine camp are located at an altitude of more than 1800 m. From there you will start hiking to the glacier by the marked trail in the National Park.

You will have a picnic with a great view of the valley.

Dinner is at the guesthouse restaurant.

Overnight in the guest house “Tsey”.

day 5

Travelling by the forgotten road

Early breakfast and check out.

You will follow the small road connecting the Alagir and Fiagdon valleys through the mountains with stops in the ancient villages of Harisdin, Khidikus, Tsimiti.

You will hike a hill to explore the ruins of the Alborov clan fortress in Luar.

Meet the dawn in the former mining village of Upper Fiagdon in the Kurtatin gorge.

Overnight in the guest house in Fiagdon.

day 6

Fiagdon and Dargavs City of the Dead

After breakfast you will go straight to the legendary Dzivgis fortress, the founding date of it as well as the original name is still unknown to scientists. The fortress complex consists of 6 caves with tunnels.

In the afternoon you will trek along “Miracle Trail” with a lot of view points and visit Kurt Tower.

Later on you will have a chance to take a bath in the natural springs.

At sunset you will arrive to Dargavs – the City of The Dead.

And we will return to Vladikavkaz along the gorge in the darkness under the stars.

Farewell Ossetian dinner with pies and other traditional dishes.

day 7

Cross the borders 

After breakfast you will start your journey to Tbilisi.

The road will take you by the beautiful valley across the high mountains.

Arrival in Tbilisi after lunch. Check in the apartments.

day 8

Georgia, my Love!

Walking around one of the most romantic cities in the world of Tbilisi.  The streets of the old city with their impressive courtyards.

For lunch you will visit the cozy restaurant Pur Pur.

Explore the thermal sulfur bath of Tbilisi – 2 hours of total relaxation.

In the sunset you will go up to the viewpoint on the top of Mtatsminda. There is an amusement park where you will get a chance to be childish.

There is a restaurant with the perfect terrace to drink a glass of wine with a view of the city.

day 9

Bye-bye, Tbilisi!

After breakfast we will drop you to the Tbilisi airport.

You can change parameters of you trip independently!
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North Ossetia in the South of Russia
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